All Saints American
Conciliar Catholic Church

All Saints is a member of the Communion of Conciliar Catholic Churches and services are provided by the Society of All Saints Hospitallers, a Progressive Catholic religious order headed by Rt. Rev. Janine C. Stock. Its mission is to provide sacramental and charitable services to those in need, without the discriminatory practices that has plagued the Christian church.

HOLY EUCHARIST: Saturdays at 5:30pm

2510 Gateway Rd., Carlsbad, CA 92009



"Preach the Gospel at all times; Use words if necessary."

Provide sacramental access

Promote spiritual and mental health

Give importance to social justice and educational works

We believe in practicing the reform of the Catholic Church in actuality.  This means the community that is built at All Saints welcomes everyone to the Sacraments who are properly ready and formed to receive them.  This includes those who have been marginalized by “traditional” Christian churches including the divorced, the LGBTQ community, and women who are called to holy orders vocations.

Who We Are

The Society is run by our Guardians who are committed to preach the Gospel through our various ministries. We rely on donations, our Associates, and are self sustaining through our various ministries. We are a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, religious organization that has been a foundational community for progressive reformist Catholics in San Diego, CA for more than fifteen years.

Providing Hospitality

What is a “hospitaller”? One word can summarize it: hospitality. God's two greatest commandments are to love Him and love others. To love everyone equally is a true sign of our love for God and our desire to live Christ-like.

Hospitality, as what has been said by many scholars, is a life and death concept in the Middle Eastern context. We would say, hospitality (i.e. the care for our neighbors; their feeding; their clothing; their being treated as we would like to be treated) is also a life and death concept.

To be hospitable means to be kind, to be generous and/or to offer generous and friendly welcome to visitors and strangers. (i.e. our neighbors). It is a genuine way to show love for others!

Gospel Mandate: Love God, Love Neighbor.

Jesus tells us in Matthew 25:40 that whatever we do for the least of people, we do for Him. According to the prophet Ezekiel, the real “guilt” of Sodom was the fact that, although they had “pride, an excess of food, and prosperous ease,” they “did not aid the poor and needy” and were “haughty” (Ezekiel 16:49-50).

Similarly, the letter to the Hebrews warns Christians: “Do not neglect to show hospitality to strangers, for by doing that some have entertained angels without knowing it” (Hebrews 13:2). When you read more about the role of hospitality in the Bible, you will see that it is the core of being a real Christian.

Real Christians are not known for their ability to spout Bible verses “for even the devil knows the Scriptures,” but rather how they treat the least, lowly, and marginalized. “See how they love one another” is a basic Christian value that has been usurped in many circles calling themselves “Christian.”

“You will know them by their fruits,” and we hope that the fruit that we produce here in our society will show life and love giving hospitality to those we encounter and serve in our ministries.

Our Services

All of our services are provided to the community by our members and supported by the associates and your generous donations. Our members are trained to provide such services and have passed extensive background and psychological evaluations.


Associate members are those who pledge to actively support and uplift the work of members through prayer, time, and finance. Associates must apply for membership and be approved by the guardians of the society.


We are happy to include your prayer intentions at any number of the society’s daily prayers. If you would also like to arrange for a mass to be held, we are happy to arrange one for you.


To support our society’s work, we would be grateful to receive your generous donations. Feel free to donate.

Become an Associate Member

Our associates commit to regular participation in sacramental, liturgical, and/or other types of assistance.

However, associates are limited to those in our geographical proximity. Regardless, if you feel called to serve in our organization and want to be part of it firsthand, roll up your sleeves and join the work ministry for our mission. We also accept applications for joining us as a candidate to become a member.


Within the coming weeks, we will be setting up different links to meet the various needs of the North County community.